glitChicago // 0P3NR3P0

organizers - Nick Briz && Joseph Y0lk Chiocchi

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The 0P3NR3P0 is an open/public repository of glitch art worx, a modular art/archive project developed as an open portal for anyone anywhere to submit glitch art worx that can be represented by a URL (i.e. video, images, sound, web). Artists interested in adding a work to the repo can submit here + will receive a confirmation URL (which includes an edit URL to edit the entry in the future). It's a one step process: no usernames + no passwords. Folks interested in searching through the repo can do so using the search on the home page.

Initially, the 0P3NR3P0 served as a remote submission system for the GLI.TC/H festival/conference/gathering in Chicago in 2012 and installed in the evening exhibitions at Tritriangle. A second IRL exhibition was held on March 19, 2013, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The third IRL exhibition was held at Furtherfield Gallery in London, from June 8 to July 28, 2013. The fourth IRL installation focused specifically on political glitch worx for the show at SUDLAB in Naples, Italy. A fifth IRL installation is taking place for glitChicago, from August 1 to September 28, 2014.

IRL/online galleries interested in leveraging the repo for a show should visit the curate page. We believe that "access drives preservation," for this reason the 0p3nr3p0 is an entirely open-source project (on github) + a copy of the repo's entire database of work-linx (with meta-data) is perpetually available for download in .csv and .json format.