glitChicago // shawné michaelain holloway

"720p broadcast, addressing the guildhall: present in pixels, tele-coronation"

exerpt from shawné michaelain holloway’s speech at the guildhall:
"i am your Qveene, to whom @ my coronation, you pledged your allegiance and obedience to Me-- & i say to you, i cannot tell how naturally the mother loveth the child, for i was never the mother of any; but certainly, if a prince and governor may as naturally and earnestly love her subjects as the mother doth love the child, then assure yourselves that I, being your L4dy & M1str3ss, do as earnestly and tenderly love and fav0ur you."

shawné michaelain holloway is a dirty new media artist & playgURL from chicago, il. she is currently living in paris, france and pursuing an mfa at parsons the new school for design. her work has been screened / performed / featured internationally in galleries and DIY spaces including: simultan festival (timisoara, romania), liquidation: lancement du no. 28 (montreal, quebec, canada), single_channel gallery (new york, new york), 200112 (chicago, il), and at the arteles residency (hämeenkyro, finland).