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┍4\/\/Ɍ(ɔ)H̶!\/Ǝ -jonCates (2014)

┍4\/\/Ɍ(ɔ)H̶!\/Ǝ - jonCates (2014)
jonCates'┍4\/\/Ɍ(ɔ)H̶!\/Ǝ (pronounced "raw-archive") project for glitChicago compresses 15+ years of glitch Chicago, free for download, distribution, remix + research. this compressed archive of Glitch Art activities in Chicago since the late 1990's provides artists with the raw materials, source codes + primary txts of these hystories && theorypractices as filtered through the art/life exxxperiences && vector views of jonCates. previously unreleased personal data commingles with open sourced plans to offer knew perspectives on a range of key moments from the public origins of Dirty New Media to the undead whispers of D1THER D00M secrets.

over the 15+ years represented in my artwork for this exhibition, i have created experimental New Media Arts curriculum + taught a few generations of currently recognized artists in the field. many of those whom i have taught have also become friends && collaborators, contributing to the communities now known as Glitch Art in Chicago, nationally + internationally. Jason Scott refers to Chicago as the “birthplace of dirty new media.” Kristofer Lenz writes "Dirty New Media tends to be aggressive, if not overtly pornographic at times" with an emphasis "on emotive content over form. Dirty New Media work tends to aim for something immediate in the emotional register". my work developing these concepts, communities + discourses in Chicago is meant to articulate possibilities through noise, error + breakdown that, as Randall Packer writes, propose how our "relationships to technology could be and perhaps should be" in order to, as Christiane Paul writes, open "the field of artistic engagement and agency.”