glitChicago // Nick Kegeyan

Screen Captures of PunkRokr619's YouTube video "The True Story of Owen hart's fall" w/ annotations

Tuesday, June 17, 11:20PM - 11:40PM
"Is their a documentary I can watch about cancer"
"there's one about juicing on netflix, haven't really seen one strictly about cancer"
"you can watch this one about remix, they talk about the medical industry and patents for medicine"
"What's that called"
"it's RiP: A Remix Manifesto, it's free on Vimeo"

Nick Kegeyan is a media artist and curator working in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles and the internet. Constantly generating pixels, his work can be found across a multitude of online platforms, as well as physical spaces nationally, and internationally. He is the founder of, an online gallery that opened it's ports in 2013. A recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA 2014), he is currently an ACRELab Fellow.