glitChicago // A. Bill Miller

We exist within a built environment that is constantly mediated by the grid. Grids organize space through coordinate mapping and patterns of development. Grids compress, redisplay, and reorder information. Grids are an enforcement system imposed upon both nature and culture. I respond to this ubiquity by creating gridworks. These forms examine the blurred boundary between the machine and the human - the tool of data collection and the interpretive mind.

Gridworks wall drawings are a series of site specific installations of vinyl text applied directly to the wall of the exhibition space by the artist. They begin with simple ASCII art compositions that are then applied in a way that is both planned and improvised. The final outcome is a wall drawing that uses pattern, repetition, and simple transformations as a way to evoke complex systems and the breakdown of language based mark-making and drawing. The work is organic in its development but technological in its processes and breaks image/language systems.

An audio/visual performance work within the gridworks series. 'grdwrks8000_meadows' incorporates elements of 3D graphics, ANSI Art drawing, and a narrative field that explores relationships within digital spaces of text (as language, code, image), feedback, generative processes, and 3D modelling/animation. It conjures a visual experience that is past/present/future and belongs to our collective experiences of digital being while oscillating between text characters used as visual marks and used as narrative. The first iteration of the piece was presented in Chicago at Vision Quest 2013 in November. Subsequent performances have been given in West Lafayette Indiana, at Slingshot Festival in Athens Georgia, and Madison Wisconsin.

A. Bill Miller, an Assistant Professor of Art and Design at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, earned his MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has exhibited and screened his abstract ASCII drawings, animated GIFs, web browser-based compositions, and videos nationally and internationally. In 2013, TRANSFER Gallery, a Brooklyn space dedicated to the exhibition of non-traditional digital media and Internet Art, held the first solo exhibition of his work. In November 2013, A. Bill Miller curated one of 30 international pavilions for The Wrong, a new digital Art biennale. Bill also regularly performs and experiments with live audio/visuals using custom software patches. His performances have been done in traditional gallery exhibitions as well as Art and Music Festivals including VIA Pittsburgh in 2011 and Slingshot Athens GA in 2014.