glitChicago // Nick Briz

photos by Daniel Rourke

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born between the 90 miles that separate Miami, FL && Cuba; as a netizen [having found my identity w/in the global village] the issues + dynamix of digital culture are my primary concern. as an artist / organizer / educator of experimental new media art I encourage a critical relationship to + engagement w/our digital ecology via a diverse set of personal / collaborative / pedagogical / organizational projects. #net art #[dirty]new media #glitch #piratical practices.
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Nick Briz is a new­media artist, educator and organizer based in Chicago IL. His work has been featured internationally at institutions and in publications including the FILE Media Arts Festival (Rio de Janeiro, BR);, the Creators Project ( VICE ); the Images Festival (Toronto, CA), Furtherfield Gallery (London, UK); Museo De Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas (Venezuela); Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; and the Museum of Moving Image (NYC). He co­founded the international GLI.TC/H festival. He directs and develops digital projects collaboratively/commercially with Branger_Briz (Miami, FL) and teaches new­media art at the Marwen Foundation and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work is distributed through Video Out Distribution (Vancouver, CA) as well as openly and freely on the web.