glitChicago // I ♥ Presets
Rob Ray, Jason Soliday, and Jon Satrom

Since 2003, I ♥ PRESETS has developed an elite lexicon of digital detritus. From circuit-bent video to video art games, home-brew gear to readymade drum machines; I ♥ PRESETS celebrates the decimation of the resolute, leaving a dirty new-media mess in its wake. By doing everything wrong the right way, I ♥ PRESETS kludges forward, never ceasing to have critical updates available… Rob Ray (Los Angeles, CA, US), Jason Soliday (Chicago, IL, US), and Jon Satrom (Chicago, IL, US) are excited to be reunited for glitChicago.

Rob Ray examines technology in public/outdoor spaces and creates interactive public artworks, experimental videos and sound compositions. Rob was recently commissioned by Radius experimental radio to create four sound compositions for their RANGE series. His interactive dis-orienteering guide, GET LOST! was commissioned by the Abandon Normal Devices Festival in Manchester, UK and has exhibited at Conflux 2012 Festival in New York and the Tracing Mobility festival in Berlin, Germany. Rob also performs solo as AUGH!

Jon Satrom is an artist, educator, and organizer who likes to problematize old and new media structures, interfaces, and conventions. He is a kludge artist and a creative problem creator. Satrom performs realtime audio/video noise and new-media (often w/ XTAL FSCK, I ♥ PRESETS, & Magic Missile), develops artware (in partnership w/ PoxParty), and has programed and experimented with organizational and curatorial systems through collaborations w/ dirty new-media && glitch comrades (including GLI.TC/H && r4wb1t5!).

Jason Soliday has been an active member of Chicago’s sound-making community for a decade and a half, performing improvised and semi-composed works as a solo artist as well as a member of various bands and collaborative projects. Current projects include The Subtraction, Magic Missile, a duo with new media/glitch artist Jon Satrom, and several recording projects with EVP researcher Michael Esposito. From 2005 to 2012 he was also the main curator at Enemy, a performance space in Chicago focusing on sound art and improvised music.