glitChicago // Lisa Slodki

Jon Satrom, Cracked iPads

Interstice, 2014
In the interstice between our hopes for, and the fallibility of our communication, our machines, our bodies, resides a bittersweetness. Felt in the rumblings of our techtonic shifting between these states, is our movement between fragility and resilience.

Lisa Slodki has been creating real-time performances and installations since 2001, often working in collaboration with the Chicago experimental audio and noise communities. Drawing on an affinity for vintage technology and found footage, Slodki's process involves culling through volumes of VHS tapes, scavenging small fragments only a few seconds or frames in length. Through sampling and digital manipulation, looping images are ultimately output back to VHS tape, embracing what is both lost and gained in translation by the conversion from analog>digital>analog, as well as the artifacts of decay inherent to VHS as an unstable medium. Seamless loops and slowly evolving superimpositions are the focus of her performances, which are mixed live through a battery of VCRs, blending themes engaging with human gesture and dissonant emotional states.